Business of Law Course

This course has been developed by the Law Society of New Brunswick with the assistance of the Law Society British Columbia.  The goal of the course is primarily to assist lawyers practicing alone or in small firms to review key practice management topics.  The course does not attempt to be a complete knowledge base for each topic covered, but rather attempts to capture highlights and to provide a review of core concepts.
Credits: Up to a maximum of six CPD credits . You must log in to the Law Society website to report your hours.
In order to qualify for credits, you must complete the quiz at the end of each module.
Note: You must enter your completed hours in the Law Society database in the usual way in order to receive credit for this course.  If you have any question, please see the Frequently Asked Question page for more information.

Communication Toolkit

Poor communication is a common thread that runs through numerous complaints the Law Society receives about lawyers. This course describes common problem areas and provides examples of how communication can be improved.
Credits: Lawyers may claim up to two CPD credits for completing this course. 
Note: It is your responsibility to report all earned CPD credits to the Law Society of New Brunswick.
Need help?   Please see the Frequently Asked Question page for more information.