Who to Hire?

Define Your Expectations

It is imperative that you define your expectations from the beginning of your bookkeeper’s employment with your firm. In defining your expectations, put your mind to some of the following functions that are normally carried out by a legal bookkeeper:
  • day-to-day recording of all trust and general account transactions undertaken by your practice;
  • reconciling and balancing monthly trust and general bank accounts;
  • preparing and posting of the Statements of Account (fee billings);
  • maintaining client's trust ledger, accounts receivable sub-ledger and accounts payable accounts;
  • preparing payroll;
  • preparing necessary government remittances such as HST, and payroll deduction remittances;
  • preparing periodic financial statements; and
  • organizing and maintaining accurate records for the required retention periods.

Write a Job Description

Once you have defined your expectations, write a proper job description and communicate your expectations to the potential candidate.